Zawia is witnessing armed clashes between armed groups.

Zawia is witnessing armed clashes between armed groups.Sunday , 30-10-2016 – 21:22:00

Zawia, 30.10.2016(Lana) Zawia has been witnessing since Friday morning armed clashes between armed groups led to death of ten people and injury of many others. Informed source revealed that random shells are still falling on houses with unarmed civilians, and families are stranded in the middle of fighting especially Al Qurdhabya, as smoke pillows covered the skies from nearby buildings at Zawia square. The fate of stranded families is unknown the Ibn Al Nafis lab near the polyclinics was burnt. Meanwhile, the Red Crescent Society Emergency official, Muhand Crima called on the armed groups to allow the Red Crescent into the area of clashes to evacuate stranded families. He also called for a safe corridor and avert civilians the brunt of fighting. =Lana=