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YouTube Decides to End Ad-Free Viewing

The video-sharing platform YouTube announced its decision to end its Premium Lite subscription, which is a low-cost subscription service for watching videos without ads, two years after starting its trial.

The platform explained that this service provides ad-free viewing across a wide range of YouTube applications but does not come with other premium features, such as downloads for watching without an Internet connection, background playback, or any of the features of the YouTube Music service.

Current Premium Lite subscribers will be left with two options: either return to watching videos with ads or subscribe to the higher-priced YouTube Premium.

YouTube will offer Premium Lite subscribers a free one-month trial of YouTube Premium, regardless of whether they have previously obtained a trial version.

YouTube platform will not support the simple display interface as of Jan. 2024, and users will need modern browsers to continue using the service.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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