Palestinian Students Granted Extension for Paperwork Completion in Jordan

Amman, Jordan – The Higher Education Council of Jordan has announced a crucial decision benefiting Palestinian students, as stated in a recent council statement released on Sunday. In consideration of the ongoing crisis, the council has extended the deadline for Palestinian students to complete their necessary academic documentation.

According to Jordan News Agency, this decision allows Palestinian students who are either seeking to enroll in Jordanian universities or intending to transfer from Palestinian universities more time to finalize their paperwork. The extension is set until the end of the first semester of the 2023-2024 academic year. This measure is aimed at accommodating the unique challenges faced by Palestinian students amidst the current situation.

The Higher Education Council’s move is a significant step in supporting the educational pursuits of Palestinian students in Jordan, ensuring they have ample opportunity to meet the administrative requirements for their academic endeavors without the added pressure of a tight deadline amidst the ongoing regional challenges.

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