Arab Conference on Institutional Performance Excellence Kicks Off in Amman

AMMAN – The first Arab Conference on Excellence in Institutional Performance commenced in Amman, focusing on disseminating Arab standards of excellence within the industrial sector. The conference, organized by the Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI), is aligned with a decision by the Council of Arab Economic Unity (CAEU) of the Arab League.

According to Jordan News Agency, The event serves as a platform for cooperation between organizations sponsoring national awards in the Arab world. It features exchanges of experiences and collaboration with experts in institutional excellence, including evaluators, arbitrators, and consultants in quality management. The conference covers various topics, such as government performance excellence, private sector excellence awards, and excellence in training and development. It also explores standards and indicators for awards recognizing gifted Arabs and inventors.

Notable speakers at the conference include Mohammadi Al-Ni, Secretary-General of the CAEU, who emphasized the importance of Arab excellence and innovation in the coming decades. Tamim Qasrawi, Chairman of the European-Jordanian Advanced Business Institute (EJABI), highlighted the role of institutional performance in market share acquisition and the application of quality systems. Younes Khataybe, President of the Arab Trainers Union, described the conference as a venue for sharing innovative ideas. Ibrahim Rawabdeh, CEO of the King Abdullah II Center for Excellence, discussed the necessity of adapting administrative systems to current political, social, and economic developments. Abdullah Shami, Director-General of the Arab Planning Institute, and Mohamed Jaradat, CEO of Noor Al Mal Company’s Financial Department, also contributed to the discussions, emphasizing the need for institutional excellence in response to global transformations.

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