Jordanian Private Field Hospital 2 Commences Operations in Southern Gaza Strip

Gaza – In the southern Gaza Strip, the Jordanian Private Field Hospital/2 has begun its operations, providing necessary medical and therapeutic services to patients and visitors.

According to Jordan News Agency, this initiative was established under royal orders to meet the healthcare needs of the people in Gaza, especially during challenging times.

The new facility aims to alleviate the medical strain in the region by supplementing the existing healthcare infrastructure in Gaza. The hospital’s commander highlighted its significance in the context of the current healthcare situation, where the sector’s hospitals are facing a severe shortage of medical services. Equipped with the latest technologies and devices across various medical specialties, the hospital stands out as a distinguished medical center.

The commander emphasized the commitment of the Jordanian Field Hospital and its medical administration to send a humanitarian message to the people of Gaza while maintaining high standards of medical quality. The hospital’s objective is to ensure that all necessary medical treatments are accessible to the people of Gaza.

Local residents expressed their gratitude for Jordan’s continuous support of the Palestinian cause under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah. They acknowledged Jordan’s honorable positions towards the Palestinian people and their hopes for the continued prosperity of Jordan’s leadership, people, and army.

The Jordanian Private Field Hospital/2 is well-equipped with emergency, general internal medicine, and intensive care units. It also includes departments for men, women, and prematurity, as well as obstetrics and gynecology. The facility houses a laboratory, pharmacy, radiology, and sterilization rooms. With 41 beds and two operating rooms, it is prepared to perform urgent surgical operations.

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