Jordan’s King and Egypt’s President Welcome Humanitarian Truce in Gaza during Cairo Meeting

CAIRO – In a significant diplomatic development, Majesty King Abdullah of Jordan and Egypt President Abdel Fattah El Sisi welcomed the announcement of a humanitarian truce in Gaza. The leaders convened in Cairo to discuss this development and its implications for regional stability.

According to Jordan News Agency, the meeting underscored the necessity of sustained efforts to achieve a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. King Abdullah and President El Sisi emphasized the need for uninterrupted humanitarian aid delivery in accordance with United Nations Security Council and General Assembly decisions. The leaders expressed their strong opposition to policies of starvation and collective punishment imposed on the Palestinian people and rejected any attempts at their internal or external displacement from Gaza.

Both leaders reaffirmed their countries’ support for the Palestinian cause, urging the international community to leverage the current truce to provide relief to the people of Gaza and alleviate the ongoing humanitarian crisis. They stressed that regional stability efforts should commence with a political process aimed at a comprehensive and just resolution of the Palestinian issue. This entails a two-state solution that recognizes Palestinian rights, including the establishment of an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

King Abdullah highlighted the significance of the humanitarian truce in preventing the conflict’s escalation and bringing the war to an end. He lauded the efforts of Egypt and Qatar in brokering the truce and commended Egypt’s role in increasing aid, treating injured Palestinians, and assisting in evacuating foreign nationals. He also voiced concerns about the potential catastrophic consequences of continued Israeli ground operations in Gaza and the escalation of tensions in Jerusalem and the West Bank, including extremist settler violence, which could dangerously broaden the conflict.

President El Sisi expressed a commitment to ongoing coordination with Jordan, emphasizing the importance of unified positions amid the challenging regional circumstances. The meeting was also attended by key officials from both countries, including Director of the Office of His Majesty Jafar Hassan, General Intelligence Department Director Maj. Gen. Ahmad Husni, and Director of the Egyptian General Intelligence Service Maj. Gen. Abbas Kamel.

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