Four Dead, Two Injured from Heater Fumes in Jerash

Jerash: Four individuals died from asphyxiation in Jerash, north, on Saturday, following exposure to harmful fumes released by a wood-burning heater in the Deir Al-Layyat district. Additionally, two others were afflicted with respiratory distress in the same incident.

The Public Security Department indicated that firefighters responded promptly, facilitating the transfer of the deceased and ensuring the immediate hospitalization of those affected at Jerash Governmental Hospital.

Dr. Sadiq Otoum, Director of Jerash Governmental Hospital, attributed the fatalities to inhalation of smoke from the wood-burning device. Forensic examinations are expected to elucidate the definitive causes of death.

The PSD urged the public to exercise caution when utilizing heating appliances. Key safety measures highlighted include the diligent inspection of heating units, the maintenance of adequate ventilation within indoor environments, and the advisement against the operation of heaters during sleep hours.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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