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Beijing, TikTok’s parent company ByteDance said that it will force captions or subtitle texts that appear on video clips on everything uploaded to the famous social platform for short videos.

TikTok is taking a big step in accessibility and will change how creators upload their videos to the app in November.

In a statement, the Chinese company said that as of November, all videos that will be uploaded to TikTok will automatically include captions on all of them, and the addition will not be an option that is activated based on the desire of the video owner, as is the case at the present time.

The company added that content creators will have the ability to edit or delete captions after posting, however, they will not have a choice about whether or not to show captions when uploaded for the first time.

This will lead to a much larger number of videos that contain captions at the bottom of what is being said or mentioned in the video.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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