UNSC calls parties to resume negotiations for sustainable ceasefire in Gaza

NEW YORK (CIHAN)- The members of the Security Council expressed grave concern at the return to hostilities following the breach of Egyptian-brokered humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday (20 Aug) after a close meeting, the current president of the Security Council United Kingdom’s ambassador Mark Lyall Grant said that the Security Council members called upon parties to prevent the situation from escalating and to reach an immediate human ceasefire.

He added “the members of Security Council expressed grave concern regarding the loss of civilian lives and casualties. The members of Security Council offered full support to the Egyptian initiative and called upon the parties to resume negotiations to urgently reach a sustainable and lasting ceasefire.”

Also speaking to reporters outside the Security Council, Palestinian ambassador Riyad Mansour said “we are still willing and ready to resume the efforts in Cairo and it is the Israeli side that has taken this option and continued with these massive attacks against our people in the Gaza Strip.”

He stressed “in this connection let me also add that Israel has never abided by the ceasefire. Israel continued to fly military planes over Gaza. They have continued to shoot at the civilian population from land and sea. They fired at people simply trying to make a living by fishing at the sea. They fired at children.”

A nine-day ceasefire fire ended yesterday (19 AUG) halting the negotiation talks in Cairo aimed at ending the six-week conflict.