UAE Ambassador to Lebanon attends launch of Lebanese – UAE House in Al Batroun.

Hamad Saeed Al Shamsi, Ambassador of the UAE to the Republic of Lebanon, attended the launch of the Lebanese – UAE House for the summer of 2017 in Al Batroun.

Al Shamsi also attended an event organised by the Lebanese-Emirati Businessmen Association.

Gebran Bassil, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lebanon, Fouad Dandan, Lebanese Ambassador to the UAE, and several officials, the Mayor of Al Batroun and members of the association, as well as other diplomats and media personnel, also attended the event.

The event included a cultural and intellectual symposium that was sponsored by Ambassador Al Shamsi, which saw the attendance of over 50 students from various universities, regions and Lebanese communities Ambassador Al Shamsi noted that the relations between the UAE and Lebanon are historical and are deeply rooted, with a unified goal of achieving all their mutual interests.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs