This Saturday the ACCENTURE INNOVATION TRIP begins in Israel

SAO PAULO, Oct. 24, 2013 / PRNewswire — The ACCENTURE INNOVATION TRIP will begin this Saturday, October 26th, and a select group of Brazilian executives will be setting out in search of opportunities to enhance their business and investments in the world’s largest center for innovation. This year, the participants will become acquainted with Israel’s entrepreneurial culture (in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem), in a country with the world’s highest ratio of startups to inhabitants. An initiative of LIDEGrupo de Lideres Empresariais [Group of Business Leaders], presided over by Joao Dorian Jr.; LIDE Inovacao, headed by Roger Ingold; LIDE Jovem, led by Andre Martins; and LIDE Futuro, of Patricia Meirelles, the ACCENTURE INNOVATION TRIP will continue until November 2nd.

According to Roger Ingold, Israel is the best destination for people seeking innovative, entrepreneurial ideas, in addition to being the country outside North America with the highest number of companies traded on NASDAQ. “In spite of its size, Israel has invested heavily in science and technology, making it an example for the world,” says the executive, who is also the head of Accenture in Brazil.

The schedule for the event includes visits to Microsoft’s innovation center; to Mobileye, leader in technology for automotive applications; to Waze, responsible for the application used to track travel routes and information on traffic; to Grupo Taavura, Israel’s market leader in transportation, logistics and engineering intelligence; and to Kibbutz Hatzerin and its department of innovation and technology. During the gathering, workshops will also be held at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University.

The gathering has previously been held in California’s Silicon Valley (U.S), in 2011 and 2012. On those occasions, Brazilian participants visited startups and world innovation icons such as Endeavor Global, Google, Apple, IDEO, 500 Startups, as well as Stanford University.

The ACCENTURE INNOVATION TRIP has master sponsorship from ACCENTURE, and support from Embraer and Microsoft, with participation by PayPal, 3M, Construtora Even and Abramundo. Media partners are the magazines TOP Magazine and LIDE. Official suppliers are CDN, Maringa Turismo and PR NEWSWIRE.

ABOUT THE ACCENTURE INNOVATION TRIP – an Initiative of LIDE, the ACCENTURE INNOVATION TRIP, organized by LIDE Jovem, LIDE Inovacao and LIDE Futuro, is an international gathering made up of Brazilian entrepreneurs and executives, to share knowledge, explore business management, and cultivate relations with entrepreneurs, who are the standard bearers of innovation and technology.

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