Saudi Arabia To Host Int’l Conference On Afghanistan Peace, Stability

Kabul – The Saudi Arabia intends to hold a big conference on Afghan peace and stability with the participation of the world scholars.

It is expected that using its influence, this country has the capability to force Pakistan to encourage Taliban officials to stop war, attend peace talks and involve in political process.

Saudi Arabia is one of those countries that have been maintaining close ties with Taliban armed insurgents and Taliban have also been receiving financial support from a number of Arab Sheikhs. This is one of the reasons that have complicated the Afghan conflict. This conference is supposed to be organized in Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia with the involvement of Islamic world scholars and discuss the ongoing bloody conflict in Afghanistan. The Afghan ambassador in Saudi Arabia has also confirmed arrangement of this conference and has said that the main topic of this conference will be focusing on prevention of terrorism and restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan. The Afghan representative and ambassador in Saudi Arabia Sayed Jalal Karim said this conference was requested by the NUG authorities and it can be a big step towards peace process.

At the global level this would the first conference in its kind that would be held in Saudi Arabia with the participation of Islamic scholars on restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan. Although yet the exact date of the conference is not known, but it is hoped that it would be organized in one month. During his recent visit, the Afghan CE Dr. Abdullah had asked SA authorities to organize this conference that was accepted by Saudi officials. Due to existence of holy Mecca, Saudi Arabia is respected by all Muslims of the world and they pray to that direction and verdict of Saudi religious scholars overshadows the verdict of Islamic world scholars, and less likely, the Islamic countries scholars, would disagree with the issued verdict of Saudi scholars. CE Dr. Abdullah had requested Saudi authorities that availing their potential influence, encourage Taliban insurgents to attend peace talks and lead Afghanistan towards restoration of peace and stability. This would be the first gathering of Islamic scholars which would discuss end of war, terror, devastation and return of security and peace in Afghanistan. CE Dr. Abdullah had extensive discussions and talks during his official visit to Saudi Arabia with concerned authorities including King Salman and emphasized that SA should make essential efforts and support Afghan peace process.

Reciprocally the Saudi authorities promised to help Afghan peace process. If the Taliban intend to bring peace and security, first of all they should stop war. While the Afghan government has been endeavoring at global level to restore reliable peace, the Taliban leader Mullah Haibatullah has also shown interest to peace process and has said that after consultation with Taliban delegation, would announce his position.

Quoting Taliban, it has been said that Mullah Haibatullah has been making peace efforts and a delegation of Taliban office in Qatar has been involved in talks with Pakistani security officials on peace process. It should be said that if this time Pakistan doesn’t make sincere cooperation on Afghan peace process all, the world countries may not allow it to continue its wrong and double game policy. Because the world would no longer tolerate terrorism and fear. This project is in disadvantage of human being and threats the world people.

Source: Bakhtar News Agency