Saudi Arabia backs decision of Syrian opposition to join Geneva dialogue

RIYADH, Jan 29 (KUNA) – The Saudi Foreign Ministry said Friday the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia supports the decision made by the supreme negotiating commission of the Syrian revolutionary forces to participate in the Geneva conference.
The decision is in line with the provisions of the UNSC Resolution 2254 and is based on the assurances received by the Commission from the majority of the Vienna Group and the United Nations, the SPA quoted an official of the ministry as saying.
The position of the Kingdom is supportive of the Syrian opposition and the efforts aiming to reach a political solution based on the provisions of the Geneva Declaration 1 the UN Security Council Resolution 2254 which provide for the formation of a transitional authority to rule the country, draft a new constitution and supervise holding new elections.
The official reaffirmed the Kingdom’s strong conviction that there should be no place for Bashar al-Assad in the future Syria. (end)