New York, – Russia has vetoed a UN resolution requesting details of air missions from the Syrian military following a chemical attack that left dozens dead.

“This is the eighth time Russia has used its veto to protect the Syrian regime,” said Britain’s UN ambassador, Matthew Rycroft, who presented the resolution jointly with the US and France.

In an open meeting, the UN Security Council failed to vote on resolution drafted by France, the US and the UK on the chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun.

Ten members voted in favour, two against, and three states abstained.

Russia and Bolivia voted against the submitted draft, while China, Kazakstan and Ethiopia abstained.

The resolution clearly condemns in the strongest terms the reported use of chemical weapons in Syria, in particular the attack on Khan Shaykhun reported on April 4, and expresses its outrage that individuals continue to be killed and injured by chemical weapons in Syria.(QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency