RTA launches outreach campaigns to curb recurrent traffic offences

WAM DUBAI, 5th September, 2013 (WAM) — The Monitoring and Enforcement Department at the Road and Transport Authority’s (RTA) licensing agency has launched a series of intensive awareness-raising campaigns with businesses who incur the most traffic violations, amounting to 268 companies.

Covering all regions in Dubai, the initiative attempts to detect, identify and minimise the most recurrent traffic violations for the future.

Director of RTA’s Monitoring and Enforcement Department, Nabeel Al Ali, said his department is keen as ever to continuously work with a specialised team on the realisation of RTA’s vision of “Safe and Easy Transport for All”.

He said, “Our large-scale inspection visits to various transport related sites and firms will impact the improvement of safe principles and mechanisms that enhance companies’ consciousness of the dissemination of traffic safety, and a reduction in tragic accidents resulting from failure to inspect vehicles.” He cited bad conditions of tyres as the most prevalent violation by transport companies, followed by defective lights, then missing or unclear number plates.

The outreach campaign is designed to sharpen the awareness of companies of the tragic consequences and hazards associated with negligence on road safety. The companies have been told that they should regularly check the tyres of all vehicles and be aware of factors that lead to their wearing down and blowing-out, mainly caused by over/under-inflation, vehicle overload or excessive speed.


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