Qatar’s allegations unfounded: NIHR

London: A delegation from the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) has rejected allegations about blockade and collective punishment meted out to Qatar by Bahrain and other countries that had severed its relations with Doha this month.

Humanitarian cases related to joint Bahrain-Qatari couples and families have not been affected by the diplomatic measures taken by Bahrain, Saeed Al Fihani, NIHR President, said. Such allegations and claims are unfounded and lack credibility. Bahrain has set up a dedicated helpline to provide assistance in this regard and to take the necessary measures whenever need be. Also, the NIHR is available to listen to any complaints and so far, we have not received anything from any Bahraini family or others on this topic, Al Fihani said at a meeting with James Lynch, Deputy Director of Global Issues at Amnesty International.

Al Fihani added that the diplomatic crisis with Qatar was the result of the attempts by Doha to undermine security and stability in several countries. It was also related to Qatar’s support for activities to spread chaos in the region as well as to its noncompliance with the Riyadh Declaration which it signed in 2014.

Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt cut their diplomatic relations with Qatar to protect their security and stability.

Source: Bahrain News Agency