Qatar Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attack on Libyan National Oil Corporation

The State of Qatar has strongly condemned the terrorist attack on the Libyan National Oil Corporation, which resulted in the deaths and injuries. It appealed to all Libyans to stand united against terrorism and tampering with the lives of people and the fate of the Libyan people.

In a statement today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered the preservation of the sources of wealth in Libya, the most important of which is the National Oil Corporation, as a moral and national duty, where this wealth is for all sectors of the Libyan people and even for future generations and therefore all must stand together against those who try to drain this wealth and disrupt the wheel of development.

The State of Qatar appeals to all factions of the Libyan people to stop fighting, give priority to the national interest and to cooperate with the United Nations Mission in Libya and the international community to reorganize the situation in Libya in order to establish foundations of stability in the Libyan homeland as a whole.”, the statement added.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs