Qatar Prioritizes Children in 2030 National Vision

Geneva, Qatar’s permanent mission to the UN Office in Geneva said Qatar has proved that children are given importance in the Qatar National Vision 2030 due to its belief that the whole community holds equal rights to human, social, economic, and environmental development.

At the annual Full-Day Meeting on The Rights of The Child, Second Secretary of Qatar’s permanent mission to the UN Office in Geneva Noor Ibrahim Al Sada added that the agenda of the 2030 sustainable development works as an opportunity to strengthen and protect human rights for all.

Prioritizing children is an added value and guarantee to implement the obligations of international and regional human rights charter, Al Sada said.

She added, in compatibility with this vision, the first national strategic development in Qatar covered between 2011-2016 addressed the welfare of children in all fields such as education, healthcare and family. Implementing these strategies and policies of protecting the children has resulted in Qatar ranking the first in the Arab region and the fourth internationally in an education report issued by the World Economic Forum in 2015-2016.

Qatar not only works on national development, however it has globally partnered with entities to support developing countries to achieve its goals in vital fields such as education and healthcare. It has also launched global initiatives such as Educate A Child which is part of Education Above All which provides basic education to millions of children who have been denied education around the world due to poverty, conflicts, natural disasters and racism, Al Sada added.

In her closing words, she said the program has provided education for more than seven million children out of schools around the world, four million of them are part of the quality primary education.

Source: Qatar News Agency