Putin Calls for Ceasefire Across Syria, Proposes Negotiations in Astana

Moscow, A ceasefire across all Syria should be the next step in settling the nearly six-year armed conflict there, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at an annual press conference on Friday.

“I want to say it directly that an agreement on a ceasefire on the entire territory of Syria should be signed. Immediately after that, practical negotiations on the political settlement should begin,” the Russian president said according to TASS news agency.

“We have proposed the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, as such a neutral venue. The Turkish president agrees with this and the president of Iran agrees and [Syrian President Bashar] Assad also agrees. President [of Kazakhstan Nursultan] Nazarbayev has kindly agreed to provide this venue and create conditions for such work. I very much hope that we’ll succeed in the practical implementation of these efforts,” Putin added.

Source: Qatar News Agency