Paris contributes USD 1.0 mln to Libyan stabilisation fund

PARIS, Jun 9 (KUNA) — France confirmed on Thursday it would make a USD 1.0 million contribution to the new Libyan stabilisation fund being set up under UN auspices with the Libyan authorities.
A statement from the Foreign Ministry said that the French had revealed their commitment to the UN Development Fund (UNDP) when this body organised a meeting in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, on Wednesday.
The new “national unity” government in Tripoli has set up the fund in cooperation with the UNDP and will seek support from national and international creditors around the globe.
The primary aim of the fund is to bring relief to the beleaguered Libyan population which has suffered years of internal strife after international intervention in early 2011 left a power vacuum and led to internal rivalries in the country. (end)