DOHA, Minister of Public Works and Housing in the Palestinian Authority Dr. Mufid al-Hasayneh has praised the State of Qatar’s efforts in the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, stressing that Qatar is a strategic partner for the Palestinians.

In an interview with (Arraya) newspaper published Thursday, al-Hasayneh said that Qatar recently provided $50 million to rebuild 1000 housing units, as well as a previous grant amounting to $407 million by HH the Father Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani for infrastructure and the incision of two roads.

He added that Qatar allocated in the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah $100 million for all sectors, including $25 million for the housing sector, pointing out that there is an intention to establish a Qatari Fund to review the distribution of this amount.

The Palestinian Minister further said that there are 11,000 completely destroyed houses in Gaza, in which 5700 were rebuilt by a Kuwaiti-Saudi grant, and that there are 4,800 units awaiting restoration, adding that the residents of these houses live in caravans and are suffering from diseases, coldness, sand and heat.

Al-Hasayneh pointed out that he held talks with the Minister of Administrative Development and Labor and Social Affairs and the official responsible for Gaza reconstruction file in Qatar in order to develop the electricity sector in the Gaza Strip.

Moreover, the Palestinian Minister of Public Works and Housing said that the cost of rebuilding what was destroyed by the Israeli war machine in the Gaza Strip amounted to $2 billion for infrastructure rehabilitation and housing sector.

He also stressed that the Israeli authorities continue to obstruct all efforts for the reconstruction as a collective punishment for the people of Gaza, referring to the prevention of the entry of building materials under the pretext of dual-use of many of the materials.