Online Arabic courses will break language barriers, says UAE paper

WAM DUBAI, 22nd December, 2013 (WAM) — The teaching and learning of Arabic for expatriates has always been an important issue for the U.A.E.. As such, the decision of the first Abu Dhabi Forum for Teaching Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages to offer online courses in Arabic for non-Arabic speakers is of great importance, commented a local newspaper.

The purpose of this initiative is not simply about getting expatriates to speak the language, rather it is about using this learning as a means of achieving a greater integration with the U.A.E.-Arab community, Gulf News said in today’s editorial.

This laudable objective has an invaluable advantage, in that it has the capacity to infinitely enrich and embellish the U.A.E.’s socio-cultural fabric. For expatriates, a realistic and fruitful relationship with the U.A.E.-Arab community can be achieved in many ways, but the most effective way is to learn to speak the language, as language helps one to travel to the heart of an individual’s cultural identity in the shortest possible time.

An online course is also the most practical and target-friendly way to achieve this objective. It does away with the obstacles of time, distance and travel, which could be the incentive that achieves the breakthrough that has been desired all along, the editorial concluded.


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