OEF Activities in Salalah Tourism Festival to Begin Next Tuesday

Salalah — Oman Equestrian Federation (OEF)

announced the equestrian events as part of Salalah Tourism Festival

2017 during 8th to 16th August, which the Federation annually holds,

in cooperation with Dhofar Municipality, represented by Salalah Tourism


The equestrian events this year come in a new shape and a

tangible development that will keep pace with the advanced level of

equestrian sport in the Sultanate. The events will include a range of

tournaments and competitions this year, including the 2018 World Tent

Pegging Cup qualifying tournament with the participation of six

countries: the Sultanate, Qatar, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Britain, as well

as local Bin Hail Endurance Race for the distance of 80 km with open

participation to all Omanis.

The activities will also include Salalah Tourism Festival Tent

Pegging Championship, with the participation of units of government

cavalry: the Royal Cavalry, the ROP Cavalry Unit, the Royal Cavalry

Household, the Royal Guard of Oman Cavalry, the team from the

village of Bo Theeb United Arab Emirates, a horse rider from the

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to the horse riders from the

Governorate of Dhofar, as well as the traditional horse sports locally

known as “Al Ardha Race” with the participation of horse riders from the


Source: Oman News Agency