No restrictions imposed on use of Azerbaijan’s airspace

There are no restrictions on the use of Azerbaijan’s airspace, the State Civil Aviation Administration of Azerbaijan reported on October 15.

Azerbaijan’s airspace has an area of 168,000 square kilometers, including a part of the Caspian Sea. Today, there are no restrictions on the use of Azerbaijan’s airspace, the administration said.

The message came after the European Aviation Safety Agency and the International Civil Aviation Organization warned about a potential danger to flights in the airspace over the Caspian Sea and Iran due to Russia’s launching cruise missiles against targets in Syria. EASA said in a message that such missiles, before reaching Syria, fly over Iran and Iraq below the levels used by civil aviation.

Russian warships in the Caspian Sea launched 26 cruise missiles on targets in Syria on October 7.

Earlier, Hong Kong’s largest airline Cathay Pacific has decided to suspend flights over Iran and the Caspian Sea. Several other airlines, in particular, Air France also joined the Cathay Pacific’s decision and said that would suspend flights over the Caspian Sea, Iran and Iraq, in case of new launches of missiles.

About 400-450 flights, including the transit ones, are operated every day through Azerbaijan’s airspace.

The flights are carried out by the aircrafts of such global companies as Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Air France, British Airways, Singapore Airlines and others.

All the flights are performed in line with the ICAO standards and recommendations in compliance with all the safety measures and norms.