Modi in UAE (Dawn (Pakistan))

I AGREE with the editorial ‘Modi in UAE’ (Aug 20) that Pakistan revised its foreign policy.

The game is no longer about pushing a single-agenda item, but the meticulous placement of pieces on an increasing complex and interconnected chessboard.

Pakistan’s foreign policy is one of nuclear deterrence against India. But with the new emerging world order, the economy has become the new deterrent. China and India have emerged as economic giants in Asia while Germany is the economic powerhouse in Europe.

Economic growth creates a soft image at the international level. One of the reasons India got the civil nuclear deal was its strong economic position which played a great role in lifting nuclear sanctions against New Delhi. This opportunity hasn’t been afforded to Pakistan because of its economy.

Pakistan should learn from China, which is engaging United States while India is engaging China in economic ties while their political interests are at loggerheads. Pakistan should also engage its antagonists in the same way.