Minister of Transport and Communications as a Teacher in Doha High School

HE Jassem bin Saif Al Sulaiti, Minister of Transport and Communications, participated in the second season of “Be a Teacher” campaign organized by Teach For Qatar, where he taught at Doha Secondary School for Boys.

The Campaign was launched at the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, with the participation of a group of public and prominent figures in the State to teach in a real classroom in Qatar government and private schools. The whole experience is filmed in full in order to shed light on the importance of the profession of education and academic degrees in various disciplines, to raise the status of the teacher and to inspire and motivate students be providing a positive role model.

Al Sulaiti stressed that, during the class, he was thinking about how to make students involved and interacting so he decided to present the class in narratives, providing the students with the concept of exclusive economic water and citing a number of illustrative examples to deliver information.

He pointed out that everyone should strive to serve the nation both in the field of education and in any other honorable area. He concluded his conversation with the students by giving them a number of advice, pointing out that he was a student like them, and passed through the same experience until he became a Minister of Transport and Communications wishing to see them all in a better future.

Source: Government of Qatar