Doha, – Hamas Spokesman Fawzi Barhoum announced Saturday that the movement concluded its internal elections, with Ismael Haniyeh chosen as Chief of the Political Bureau.

Barhoum said in a statement to the press which Qatar News Agency obtained a copy of that the movement welcomed the elections which were conducted in a democratic and consultative way in line with Hamas’ internal rules. He added that the elections reflected the unity of the movement. He added that the choice proved Hamas was strong, consultative, institutional, and believes in democracy and respects its results.

He added that Hamas’ new leadership is focused on strengthening ties inside Palestine and enhancing the resistance of the Palestinian people. The new leadership will also look to mobilize the energy of Arab, Islamic, and international community to support Palestine’s just cause.

For his part, former Chief of the Political Bureau Khalid Meshaal said in a statement that the Hamas’ shura council meeting was characterized by a democratic, and consultative atmosphere. He stressed that once the elections were concluded, everyone has become supportive of members of the shura council and the internal and external leadership of the movement under Haniyeh. He expressed his confidence that Haniyeh and the new leadership of Hamas will be capable of assuming responsibility and will achieve the priorities and aspirations of the Palestinian people.

He noted that new subjects on the agenda were Palestine, liberating the land, Al Quds and Al Aqsa mosque, Palestinian detainees, the return of refugees, breaking the siege on Gaza, and national unity. He highlighted that the responsibility falls on all parties involved when it comes to releasing the detained Palestinians. He stressed that Palestinians needed to unite to realize their dream of national liberation and of retrieving their rights, land, and holy places.

He said that Hamas gave a good example of a swift transition to a new leadership and stressed that leaders continue their missions regardless of their positions. Meshaal then expressed his hope that this new stage will see strong unity with national partners and all Palestinian parties, in order to move forward towards a national project. He stressed that Hamas was a partner with all others in this new stage. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency