Hollande: ‘France and Germany Should Take Lead after Brexit’

Paris, – France and Germany should “take the initiative” after British voters decided their country should quit the EU, French President Francois Hollande said Sunday.

“A friendly country, an allied country with whom we have so many ties has just decided to leave our union, the European Union, which we believed to be indestructible and indissoluble,” Hollande said.

“It is now the responsibility of France and Germany to take the initiative, because we have shown that from unhappiness, horror and war, we (two) were able to forge a strong friendship,” said Hollande.

“If we are separated, we run the risk of being disunited, divided and quarrelling,” Hollande warned.

But “if we are together, we can not only win peace, but also the respect of the citizens of this fine union called Europe,” he added.

Source: Qatar News Agency