Germany, Italy warn Schengen may be jeopardized

BERLIN, Jan 29 (KUNA) — Germany and Italy on Friday warned that the passport-free system in the continent, the Schengen, might be jeopardized due to emerging difficulties along the Euroepan borders related to the immigration crisis.
Abandoning Schengen will be tantamount to Europe giving up on itself and on one of its most important accomplishments over past decades, said Italian Premier Matteo Renzi, speaking at a news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the German capital.
Italy is abiding by European laws that stipulate registration of all refugees entering its territories, said the premier, amid mounting criticisms of some regional countries for being slack with respect of making proper recording for incoming immigrants and refugees.
According to the Dublin Regulation, European countries, namely those with outer borders on the continent, must keep sufficient records of the migrants.
Regarding reported controversy over Rome’s honoring of its commitment to pay contributions to the USD three billion sum, pledged to be paid to Turkey to help it cope with the influx of refugees, the Italian premier said his country would pay part of the fund, but he added that Rome was awaiting certain replies to queries from the European Commission in this regard.
For her part, Merkel stressed on necessity of maintaining the Schengen convention despite challenge related to the immigrants’ crisis.
Greece, particularly, has been accused of being lax in abiding by EU regulations for refugees’ entry. (end) anj.rk