Geagea commemorates agreement with FPM, says LF has made ‘right’ choice

Lebanese Forces chief, Samir Geagea, indicated on Wednesday that it was not easy for his party to choose its “historic” rival, General Michel Aoun, as a president of the Lebanese republic, stressing that the decision came to end institutional vacuum and save Taef Agreement.

“The election of General Michel Aoun on October 31, his inaugural speech, the designation of Saad Hariri as the Prime Minister and the formation of the government, as well as [Aoun’s] first foreign trips to Saudi Arabia and Qatar; all these stages proved that the LF has made the right choice,” Geagea said upon the first anniversary of his party’s reconciliation with the Free Patriotic Movement.

“Today, we are celebrating a glorious stage that has proven that the Lebanese political forces are indeed able to reach Lebanese settlements away from outside conferences and international scenarios,” he underlined.

“We are celebrating today an exceptional stage that has kicked off a course to rebuild confidence,” he said.

We are also celebrating a stage that, with the election of President Aoun, has revived the National Pact by realizing effective partnership,” he added.

“This partnership must be resumed by the endorsement of a new election law that would mirror real partnership and correct political representation,” he continued.

“Today we are celebrating a stage that has restituted to the presidency the status it has been stripped of since the assassination of president Rene Mouawad,” he went on to say.

“We are celebrating an occasion that has led to protecting Taef Agreement, the inter-Lebanese relations, and Lebanon ties with the outside,” he maintained.

“January 18 2016 was a national glorious day; the unity of stance of both the LF and the FPM has led to a new Lebanese scene that we shall work on clinching and protecting,” he concluded.

Source: National News Agency