GCC Ambassadors from Grand Serail: Each honorable person to be treated well

Each honorable citizen, whether Lebanese or from the Gulf, shall be treated well; both are first and last brothers, Kuwaiti Ambassador to Lebanon, Abdulal al-Qinai, told reporters in the name of the envoys of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The delegation, which also comprised the ambassadors of Qatar, Oman, and the UAE, on Wednesday, visited Prime Minister Tammam Salam, upon his request, at the Grand Serail, for talks over Lebanon’s ties with the GCC.

“Me and the GCC ambassadors were honored to meet the invitation of Prime Minister, Tammam Salam, to discuss the headway of the relations between Lebanon and the Gulf,” al-Qinai said.

“We sensed his keenness on the best ties with the Gulf states (…) as well as on removing any obstacle that might hinder the development of those ties. We carried a clear message which we will convey with all due honesty, hoping that relations between us would always flourish,” he added, voicing the keenness of the “entire” Gulf, on Lebanon’s security, stability, and institutions, besides bolstering relations.

In response to a question about Lebanese in the Gulf against whom various measures were taken, al-Qinai said: “The Prime Minister spoke in general about the interests of Lebanon and the Lebanese, and those of the Gulf and its citizens; he confirmed keenness on the interest of everybody without exception. I believe that each honorable citizen, whether Lebanese or from the Gulf, shall be treated well. They are first and last brothers, and I don’t think that this relation would be affected by anything.”

Source: National News Agency