Flights delayed after huge blaze at Dublin Airport

Terrified holidaymakers watched in horror as a generator burst into flames on the tarmac at the Dublin Airport.The fire is said to have erupted at the airport on Sunday morning and those watching quickly filmed the incident as huge plumes of smoke rose over the runway at about 6 am. Following the incident, firefighters rushed to the scene to douse the flames on the runway.In the process, two flights were delayed at the busy airport in the Irish capital.Several passengers who watched the scene posted videos and photos of the incident on social media. No injuries were reported in the incident and authorities confirmed that no aircraft was damaged.In a statement, the Dublin Airport said, “Our fire service extinguished a small fire in a ground power unit shortly after 6am this morning. Dry powder was used and this creates additional smoke making it appear more dramatic. Two flights were delayed by about 30 minutes, but otherwise the incident had no impact on operations at the airport.”Ryanair too issued a statement subsequently that said, “Airport fire services were called after smoke was seen coming from a GPU (ground power unit) at Dublin Airport yesterday morning (27 Aug) ahead of this flight to Manchester. The aircraft was moved to another stand where customers boarded and departed to Manchester shortly afterwards. Ryanair sincerely apologized to all customers affected by this short delay to their flight.

Source: Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar