EMRE – What did German intelligence get?

What did German intelligence get?German intelligence wiretapped Turkey are we surprised? No. There is a counter-espionage unit in the National Intelligence Organization (MIT).

Its mission is to take counter measures against espionage. Was it able to take such measures in Germanyand#39s espionage activities? No.

Are we surprised? No.Why? We are not surprised because MIT and other state institutions consider ErdoIanand#39s outrage and fabricate imagined spies to lock up innocent people.

Who cares about the real spies? The primary mission of MIT in a foreign country is to track down the activities of Turkish citizens. In other words, MIT is mostly concerned with which religious group established what and what religious order launched a mosque, etc.

Let me elaborate on this matter by talking about what I experienced myself. Last year, I was in a Middle Eastern country.

A MIT officer working at the Turkish embassy there asked questions about me. However, he did not have to work hard I had already shared what I was doing in that country on my Twitter account.

If you randomly stop a Turk in Berlin and ask him what MIT is doing there, he would say they are profiling the Turks. At least this is the overall perception.

I wish we had an intelligence agency that was wiretapping Germany. This is the overall case so, Germany did wiretap Turkey, the US did the same and even Mossad followed them But the intelligence agency did not care.

They only care about pleasing President-elect Recep Tayyip ErdoIan by combating the Hizmet movement.The question that should actually scare us is this: What did the German intelligence get by this wiretapping? For instance, did German intelligence acquire any secret and confidential information or documents on whether the weapons sent to Syria were actually sent to al-Qaeda? We should be particularly worried if they now have proof that would put Turkey into a delicate position in the international arena What information did they acquire on the infiltration of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants into Syria? Germany is opposed to a military intervention in Syria so, this question needs to be asked: Did Germany leak the tapes of the confidential talks held at the Foreign Ministry? Why was this discussion covered up immediately? It was argued that the so-called parallel state was responsible for this why did not they take action against this? What keeps them silent on this matter?And there is this incident concerning Iranian spy Hussein Tanideh.

This did not attract much attention, but it is a real crisis between Germany and Turkey. It was revealed that 941 items with nuclear applications acquired from Germany and India were transported to Iran via companies established in Istanbul.

Iranian spy Hossein Tanideh was placed under arrest in Atakent for nuclear smuggling. First, it was reported that he would be extradited to Germany however, after the involvement of MIT, Tanideh was not returned to Germany.

Huseyin zkaya from Taraf covered this Tanideh story. However, he experienced serious difficulties and hardships for doing this.

Interestingly, Tanideh was saved in subsequent developments.Did the German intelligence acquire information on the interesting relationship between Turkey and Iran with particular reference to Tanideh incident? Does Germany hold any information or document suggesting that some activities making Turkey a center of nuclear smuggling were tacitly acknowledged.

I am worried that while MIT was dealing with journalists and religious groups in Turkey, the global intelligence agencies were watching Turkey turn into a station of criminal activities. At this point, if they acquired some proof that would put Turkey into a delicate position, it would be a serious weakness for Turkey.

This would mean that countries like Germany have serious trump cards at hand. As far as I know, the UN weapon inspectors investigated the arms transported to Syria in Turkey.

It is most likely that the relevant reports by the UN on the list of countries supporting ISIL elaborated on Turkeyand#39s role.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman