EMRE – The new prime minister’s priorities

The new prime minister’s prioritiesThere is now an ongoing discussion about who will become prime minister now that ErdoIan has been elected president. Political observers note that Foreign Minister Ahmet DavutoIlu is the most likely candidate for this post.

I believe that the more important issue is not who will be prime minister, but what he will do.There are two major questions to be asked on this matter: will the new prime minister have an agenda of his own or remain subscribed to ErdoIanand#39s priorities? Which style will the new prime minister adopt? Will he rely on the polarizing discourse of ErdoIan or will he approach developments calmly like Gul?Messages from government circles reveal that the new prime minister will have to rely on ErdoIanand#39s agenda, at least for a while, because unless the issues ErdoIan has left behind are resolved, bigger problems will emerge for both the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and future of Turkey.

For this reason, the greatest responsibility of the new prime minister is to complete the infrastructure needed to establish a presidential system Government speaker Bulent ArIn has already confirmed that their initial goal for 2015 is to introduce a presidential systemThe presidential system is not one considered just to address ErdoIanand#39s ego. It is a necessary change because of the agreements reached in Oslo and the concessions made to the Kurdistan Workersand#39 Party (PKK).

The records of the Oslo talks reveal that the parties agreed on recognition of autonomy for the Kurds in the medium term To do this, a transition to a federal system is required. For this reason, the mission of the new prime minister will be introduction of a presidential agenda that will satisfy both the PKK and ErdoIan.

But this is not an easy task, because the AKP parliamentary votes will not be sufficient to amend the constitution. For this reason, the AKP will divide the opposition to increase the share of its votes in the upcoming election.

The AKP wants to be dominant in Parliament, and they hope to enjoy an overwhelming majority. A majority is necessary to amend the constitution, grant ErdoIan the presidential system he wants and grant autonomy to Kurdish leader Abdullah calan.

The second priority of the new prime minister will be the fight against the Hizmet movement that ErdoIan had started. It is already evident that ErdoIan has been trying to reshape the judiciary as part of this fight.

And ErdoIan does not hide his ambitions to do this. For this reason, greater efforts by the AKP government to politicize the judicial system will not be surprising.

The third priority of the new prime minister will be to address the possible schisms and divisions within his party to secure unity. At this point, the attitude of the deputies who have been in Parliament for three consecutive terms is important.

This remains a great challenge. In addition to this, Abdullah Guland#39s political position appears to be another problem that the new prime minister will have to address.

Signals from AKP circles show that ErdoIanand#39s aides have already crossed out Guland#39s name. For instance, in a recent interview published in the AkIam daily, ErdoIanand#39s chief aisor YalIn AkdoIan said that the AKP was preparing itself for 2019, and that they already started planning the future of the new Turkey but during the entire interview, he never mentioned Abdullah Gul.

It is obvious that the ErdoIan clique does not want Gul in their party. Given the insulting remarks by ardent supporters of ErdoIan in the pro-government media against Gul, it could be said that he has no future in the AKP.

The crucial question is this: will Gul form a new party to stand against ErdoIanand#39s party?The new prime ministerand#39s internal party struggle is not limited to the probable problems Gul will cause. There may be problems between ErdoIanand#39s old and new aides as well.

The new prime minister has to take measures to solve this before these potential problems turn into major political crises.One of the most important missions of the new prime minister is to cover up the corruption and bribery scandals in the aftermath of the Dec.

17 and Dec. 25 investigations.

This is an issue that is also closely linked to the internal party schism If the new prime minister excludes Gul and his team and the tension between them increases, there may be some problems in Parliament in blocking an investigation against ErdoIanand#39s former ministers. For this reason, covering up the corruption investigations will be one of the priorities of the new prime minister.