Bahrain Cassation Court Upholds Death Sentence of 3 Convicts

Manama, Bahraini Court of Cassation today ruled in the case of murder of three policemen in March 2014, upholding the death penalty ruling against the three main convicts.
Eight terror suspects were referred to the Criminal Court, of whom five were in custody and three were still at large.
According to Bahrain news agency (BNA), the High Criminal Court deliberated the case and sentenced three suspects with death penalty and the remaining suspects with life in jail and stripping the nationality of some of them, which was also upheld by the Court of Appeals.
The case was referred to the Court of Cassation in compliance with the provisions of Bahraini law which considers a death sentence automatically subject to referral to the Court of Cassation.
The Court of Cassation earlier cancelled the sentence and returned the case to the Court of Appeal to consider it anew. The case was deliberated by the latter court which upheld the same sentence in view of the incontestable material and verbal evidences and referred the case to the Court of Cassation once again which ruled as above by rejecting the objection and upholding the sentence.

Source: Qatar News Agency