Azerbaijan to increase gas supply through Iran

“Azerbaijan intends to increase gas supplies to the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and requested to Iran over transportation across the country’s territory in this regard,” Iranian Deputy Oil Minister for International Affairs Ali Majedi told IRNA news agency, AzerTag state news agency reported.

Azerbaijan supplies gas to Nakhchivan in the amount of less than one billion cubic meters per year.

Iran intends to accept the proposal of the Azerbaijani side, and a meeting devoted to the subject will be in the near future, according Majedi.

Contract on gas supplies between Iran and Azerbaijan was signed in 2005.

On the basis of a contract signed for a period of 25 years, Iran receives Azerbaijani gas in Astara (Iran) and transports it to Nakhchivan.

In 2013, Azerbaijan transported 424 million cubic meters of gas through the territory of Iran to Nakhchivan.