Arab nuclear meeting kicks off

CAIRO, Aug 1 (KUNA) — The special Arab committee tasked with nuclear weapons and WMDs started its 38th meeting here on Monday, amid mounting threats against security of the Arab nation.
The Arab region is witnessing a crucial and critical period of time, where “the Arab nation’s security is targeted with major threats namely the Israeli nuclear arms,” said Ambassador Khalil Al-Thewadi, the Arab League assistant secretary general for national security, addressing the session.
The Israeli nuclear weapons pose the greatest threat to the region’s security and safety, amid Arab failures regarding nuclear non-proliferation in the Middle East, he said, noting that the meeting agenda addresses a host of nuclear issues namely preparations for the 60th session of the International Atomic Energy Agency, due in Vienna next month.
Arab foreign ministers had decided to enlist the issue of Israel’s nuclear capacities in the IAEA meeting’s agenda.
Al-Thewadi called on Arab states to prepare a draft of the “Arab statement” to be presented at the IAEA meeting and disclosed that the Arab League Secretary General had formed a special committee tasked with restricting armament and halting nuclear arms’ spread. (end) mfm.rk