Arab League: Stalled peace process serves violence, terrorism

CAIRO, June 10 (KUNA) — The Arab League stressed on Friday that the current stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process is in favor of terrorism and violence.
League’s Assistant Secretary-General and Head of the Palestinian and Arab Occupied Territories Sector Dr. Said Abu Ali said the statement issued by the Paris conference last week to launch an initiative on peace in the Middle East was below Arab and Palestinian ambitions. What has been issued was just a press statement and didn’t form a reference, he added.
“We, as Arabs, wanted that the statement include several points like an executive mechanism and a timetable for negotiations and an implementation of their outcomes to guarantee an establishment of a Palestinian State with ’67 borders and East Jerusalem as its capital, and putting an end to Israeli occupation of Arab and Palestinian territories,” he said. He noted that the statement’s draft turns the Arab peace initiative upside down, as it made regional security coordination, economic partnership and normalization in exchange for starting bilateral peace negotiations, not a way out to resume the peace process, an end to the Israeli occupation and an establishment of a Palestinian State.
He said no doubt that the conference put the Palestinian cause in the international focus, adding that the conference stressed the two-state solution and the necessity of resuming negotiations in accordance with the UN Security Council resolutions and the Arab initiative.
He affirmed that the two-state solution is the only option for establishing a Palestinian State. (end)