Arab League Concerned over “Unjustified Restrictions” on Arab Citizens Entry into US

Cairo, Arab League Secretary General Ahmad Abul Gheit on Sunday expressed deep concern toward new US measures including “unjustified restrictions” on entry of Arab citizens into the United States of America.

Abul Gheit urged the US Administration of Donald Trump to revise these restrictive precautions because they are threatening families’ union, interaction between the Arabs and the American nation and depriving many young Arabs of attaining higher education in the US.

Arab communities in the US are generally among groups that mostly adhere to American laws, he said, also noting their noticeable contributions to the US contemporary progress.

The Arab League chief spokesman, Mahmoud Afifi, quoted him as saying that such stringent steps undertaken by Trump’s administration contradict “positive developments witnessed in the world over the past decades, marked with openness among states, free movement of individuals in the shadow of globalization and mounting intercommunication among mankind communities.” Nevertheless, Abul Gheit expressed understanding of concerns emanating from mounting terrorist operations and activities worldwide.

Suspending of Syrian immigrants’ entry into the US even for a specific period of time “constitutes a source for worries considering the great plight suffered by the Syrian people,” he said, alluding to the ongoing internal infighting in Syria that has resulted in waves of Syrians seeking refuge in safer countries, nearby and afar.

The international community must shoulder moralistic responsibility by addressing the problem of the Syrian refugees, he said, noting that advanced nations such as the US has great capacities to host them.

Moreover, the Arab League chief expressed alarm at “existence of indications that there is trend to make religion as an official criterion with regard of accepting or not accepting the refugees.

“This in particular constitutes a form of indiscrimination that contravenes with international laws on human rights and the 1951 Geneva Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees.”

Source: Qatar News Agency