Arab Group urges help for the handicapped caught up in war

GENEVA, March 4 (KUNA) — The Arab Group at the UN Human Rights Council seeks solutions for the plight of people with special needs caught up in the maelstrom of wars and instances of terrorism, said a Group official on Friday.
Representing the Group and addressing the Council’s 32nd meeting in Geneva, Kuwait’s delegate to the UN in this city, Ambassador Jamal Al-Ghunaim, said that the Arab countries were concerned about the fate facing many children, women, and the elderly in areas of armed struggle.
In these areas, often the pervasiveness of terrorism has absented any modicum of democracy, the rule of law, and human rights, he said, underlining the fact that in such areas, and due to prolonged fighting, the infrastructure has been severely compromised, affecting in the process the quality of the lives of inhabitants of these areas.
In particular, aid in these areas could not be easily delivered to such vulnerable groups as those with special needs, children, women, and the infirm, he noted in his speech.
He said the Arab Group of nations at the UN subscribed earnestly to the notion that people with special needs should be sincerely coopted and assimilated into society with the intent of treating them as equal partners to people with no handicaps.
He added that people with special needs should be afforded easy access to information, transportation, communication, taking part in daily activities, and to exercising their human rights in full.
Arab countries, he said, had shown interest in issues related to people with special needs as far back as 1998 when the Arab Organization for People with Special Needs was established, noting that these countries have enlisted addressing the rights of people with special needs as a primary priority among issues for the Arab Development Plan for 2030. (end) ta.ajs