Airline creates ‘mile high mood-food’ scientifically proven to make passengers HAPPIER

MONARCH airline has created an in-flight meal, which used scientifically proven ingredients to improve passenger happiness.

The airline has worked to create the ‘Mood Food’ box as part of their Year of Nice campaign.

Working with food psychologist Professor Charles Spence, the scientist behind Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck restaurant, the box uses ingredients that improve passengers happiness and reduce stress.

Head Chef at Kitchen Theory, Jozef Yousef created the box for the airline, which includes snack bars, cakes and tea within it.

And with recent figures showing holiday seekers only manage to relax by day three of their holiday, it could help to improve their mood before they even land.

The ‘Mood Food’ box includes four key items as part of the stress busting package, all for different times of the flight.

The liquorice and echinacea ice cream is proven to help reduce coughs and colds, with liquorice boasting anti-inflammatory abilities to boost immunity to any illnesses.

And with 40 per cent of Britons voting ice cream as the top holiday treat, it starts the holiday whilst still in the air.

Secondly is the green tea and lavender mocha rice cakes, a typical Japanese food.

Lavender is well-known to be a relaxing herb with many using it to aid sleep, whilst the green tea is high in antioxidants which give travellers an extra immunity burst.

Professor Spence explained: The soft, chewy texture of the rice encourages mastication which has proven anti-stress properties, reducing tension much like chewing gum.”

Source: Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar