Tokyo – Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has condemned North Korea’s latest ballistic missile launch and hopes it will be a major topic at the Group of Seven summit in Italy later this week.

The Japanese government convened the National Security Council after the North fired the missile on Sunday evening.

NHK quoted Abe as telling reporters that North Korea has gone ahead with the launch of a ballistic missile, just a week after the last one, despite strong warnings from the international community.

He said the launch goes against the efforts of the international community to seek a peaceful solution and it is also a challenge to the world.

Abe noted that the G7 leaders will meet later this week. He expressed hope that they will discuss the launch and send a clear message to Pyongyang.

Abe said it is important to work closely with China and Russia, as well as South Korea and the United States. He said Japan will stand firm against the North in cooperation with the international community.(QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency