Abdullah bin Zayed heads UAE delegation to Arab Foreign Ministers meeting in Cairo (final add)

WAM CAIRO, 1st September, 2013 (WAM)–xxxx. Session. Libya Foreign Minister Mohammed Abdulaziz, Chairman of the meeting, said the situation in Syria is serious in the wake of unleashing of the banned chemical weapons and committing of genocide against civilians in Al Ghouta area east of Damascus.

He noted that such critical developments “do not require us only to hold the Syrian regime accountable and bring those involved to books, but to urge the regime to deal with the situation in an effective way to curb the suffering of the Syrian people through finding a solution to the conflict.” In his inaugural speech, the Libyan Foreign Minister urged the Arab countries to take the historic stance toward the Syrian people.

For his part, the Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al Faisal slammed the Syrian President Bashar al Assad for unleashing the chemical weapons against the civilians, noting that Saudi Arabia backs the Syrian people and their leaders in the opposition.

He said it was unfair to dub the calls for international intervention in Syria as a meddling in internal affairs at the time Iran and Hezbollah have already intervened in assistance for al-Assad regime. Prince Saud Al Faisal said his country backs the Syrian people in their call for the international intervention.

Dr Nabil Al Arabi, Secretary General of the Arab League stressed the Arab League position on its support to the Syrian people in their quest for freedom, democracy and dignity, adding that the Arab League is committed to continue efforts for political solution that would lead to peaceful transition of power in accordance with the final communique of Geneva at the end of June last year.

Egyptian Foreign Minister, Chair of the Previous Session, Nabil Fahmi, said Egypt rejects foreign military intervention in Syria, calling on the Syrian regime to adopt dialogue and reconciliation.

For his part, the Syrian opposition leader Ahmed Al Jarba called on the Arab Foreign Ministers to support the military strike against al-Assad, whose machines of destruction kill the Syrian people, noting that the Syrian regime is backed by Iran, Hezbollah and the Iraqi militias.


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