30 referred to Federal Supreme Court

WAM ABU DHABI, 19th June, 2013 (WAM) — The Advocate General of the UAE’s State Security Public Prosecution, Rashid Ahmed Al Dhanhani, has announced that thirty persons, of UAE and Egyptian nationalities, accused in Case No. 13 of 2013 of the State Security Criminal Court, have been referred to the Federal Supreme Court after investigations by the Public Prosecution have revealed the following: Some of the accused have established, run and managed a branch of an organisation of an international nature (a branch of the international Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt) in the country without a licence from the competent authorities.

They have formed an organisational structure to run the branch and to fulfil the objectives behind it. This included doing all acts that may help to attract new members, to maintain the branch and its members in the UAE and to guarantee their continued loyalty to the mother organisation.

For financial support, they have collected donations, alms and contributions without permits from the competent authority in the country. They have also obtained financial support from the secret organisation seeking to seize power in the country, whose members have been previously arrested and are being tried in the case of the secret organisation.

To maintain the link with the mother organisation, the defendants formed a Media Commission within the branch’s organisational structure under the supervision of what they have called the General Administrative Office. This Commission collects, prints and distributes news, especially from the country of the mother organisation, to sub-commissions formed to educate the branch’s units and to provide them with news.

They have also disseminated documents, images and maps, whose dissemination is prohibited, that belong to a government department after they had managed to steal a USB (computer memory device) belonging to this department. The USB contained information about the secret organisation which aims to seize power in the country and names and photographs of its members, along with illustrative drawings of the building of that department and information about its work. They have disseminated and displayed the USB’s content and discussed it during a secret meeting amongst themselves. Some of the persons concerned were aware of all these crimes, but did not inform the relevant authorities.


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