Wiretapping incident will not stop here

Wiretapping incident will not stop hereandquoterman intelligence has been wiretapping Turkey since 2009.andquot This report was leaked to the Der Spiegel [weekly].

I donand#39t have knowledge of this, but I believe it was a andquotdeliberate leak.andrdquo It was a step taken to draw public attention to certain goals, as states do everywhere in the world.

Germanyand#39s ambassador to Ankara was summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry to give an explanation three days ago. Then the Foreign Ministry made a simple statement saying that the wiretapping was unacceptable, a gesture made to brush over the issue.

What was the point of summoning the German ambassador? What was said in the meeting? For instance, did Germany apologize? Did German officials say, andquotIt was a misunderstandingandquot? I think Germany might not only be confirming the wiretapping claims but it might also be defending the wiretaps. Germany has been expressing its irritation over Turkeyand#39s activities in mosques and Turkish schools in Germany.

It will probably use the information gathered from the wiretaps against Turkey. Turkeyand#39s silence is what concerns me.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan has not said a word on it yet.(YALIN DOIAN, HuRRIYET.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman