US lauds “ambitious economic reform program” in Saudi

WASHINGTON, June 17 (KUNA) — President Barack Obama’s National Economic Council team met with Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Thursday, and “welcomed” his economic reform agenda for the Kingdom, the White House said in a statement.
The Prince also serves as the Minister of Defense and Second Deputy Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia.
“US officials underscored the United States’ desire to be a key partner in helping Saudi Arabia implement its ambitious economic reform program,” and the two sides “agreed on the importance of economic diversification, expanding private sector employment opportunities, renewable and natural gas development, and the beneficial role US companies could play in implementing Saudi reform objectives,” the White House said.
The long-time allies “intend to build on these conversations in the coming months, consistent with the strong partnership between our countries and the mutual benefit in further deepening our economic ties,” the statement affirmed.
Prince Mohammed bin Salman is scheduled to meet with Obama Friday morning. (end) ys.gta