US calls for calm Britain-EU divorce negotiations

LONDON, June 27 (KUNA) — US Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday urged European leaders to refrain from taking in revengeful decision and to opt for wiser options in negotiating the future of the EU-British relations after the Brexit referendum results.
In statements to reporters after his meeting with British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, Kerry said that the EU leaders have the ability and the responsibility to restore stability through choosing wiser options in the coming days and weeks.
He clarified that this means refraining from taking any angry or revengeful decisions and opting for carefully studied moves to retain the unity of all sides.
Kerry warned that revengeful decisions would have negative impacts inside and outside Britain and EU.
For his part, the British top diplomat hoped the Britain’s leave negotiations with the EU would be amicable.
He added that he understands the angry reactions of many Europeans towards Britain referendum results.
He emphasized the importance of doing all in power to protect common interests, especially the economic ones.
Ignoring the interests of each side would have grave consequences on both sides, so there is a need to avoid revengeful decisions, he stressed.
Last Thursday, British people decided to leave the EU through a 52-48 referendum described by many leaders across the globe as a “blow” to Europe. (end) kd.ibi