UN official praises UAE humanitarian initiatives in Yemen.

The Director of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, OCHA, in Aden, has praised the UAE’s humaniteriain and relief efforts through the Emirates Red Cresenct, ERC, in Hodeidah Governorate and the Red Sea Coast of Yemen.

This came during a meeting with Saeed Al Kaabi, UAE Humanitarian Operations Director for Yemen, where the UN official praised the ERC’s projects for easing the suffering of Yemeni people and achieving family stability, as well as the UAE’s humanitarian and relief efforts through the ERC, to help and support Yemenis, especially in the newly liberated areas of Hodeidah.

During the meeting, they discussed a humanitarian and relief plan to assist the people of Hodeidah, as well as future development and service projects that will be implemented in the liberated areas. They also discussed the issue of unexploded mines and how to raise the public’s awareness about their dangers.

The two side reviewed the humanitarian and relief assistance plan for Hodeidah citizens as well as the future development and service projects to be established in the liberated areas, in addition to discussing the mechanism to the cleaerance of mines and improvised explosive devices mine clearance and improvised explosive devices.

They also discussed the urgent efforts to support children, women and elderly people by providing them with their basic needs.

Al Kaabi presented the ERC’s plan and projects in Yemen’s Red Sea Coast on how to deliver food, shelter and medicine to the people in the most effected areas after their liberation, as part of a relief land, maritime and air bridge that aims to assist local residents.

The UN official said that the ERC’s development projects in Yemen’s liberated areas will make a significant difference to the lives of Yemenis, through providing urgent services to unprivileged and affected people and improving their current conditions.

He added that the UAE’s timely response in Yemen affirms its commitment to international humanitarian law and its support for the relief effort of the United Nations, as well as its responsibility to help those affected. He also lauded the Emirati operation to drop humanitarian aid by parachute, while noting that it proves the UAE’s determination to help Yemeni citizens.

In turn, Al Kaabi stressed that Emirati development projects in Yemen have improved the level of basic services, such as health, education, safe drinking water, electricity and infrastructure improvements, which have improved the overall quality of life.

At the end of the meeting, both sides highlighted the importance of coordinating joint projects between the UN’s humanitarian organisations and the ERC, to improve the current humanitarian conditions in the Red Sea Coast and intensify the humanitarian and relief efforts in Yemen.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs