UK would face security challenges in case of Brexit – Europol

LONDON, March 9 (KUNA) — The UK would face security challenges in the event of a Brexit, the head of the European Union’s law enforcement agency (Europol) said Wednesday.
Rob Wainwright, Europol’s director, told Sky News that the chance of a terror attack on the scale of Paris was growing and European co-operation was needed.
Radicalized Europeans who have gained conflict experience in Syria are now returning to the continent, he warned.
The former MI5 officer said: “I think it is likely that we will have another attack. We are working of course around the clock to prevent that from happening but this is a very, very serious threat.” Wainwright, who is British, said the current threat level was the highest it had been for 10 years and that the counter-terrorism community needed to up its game to protect citizens.
Since the Paris attacks, more intelligence has been shared in a bid to prevent similar events.
Up to 40 percent of Europol’s casework involved a “British element”, Wainwright said.
However, if Britain left the EU, it would have an impact on the UK’s security capabilities.
He said: “One can expect that the arrangements will be not as optimal (in the event of the UK leaving the EU) and therefore it will be difficult for the UK to replace what it currently relies on in the EU with arrangements that would be as effective and as cost efficient as well.”(end) mrn.nfm