UK Minister: Qatar to Play Vital Role at UN COP18/CMP8

Doha, November 07 (QNA) – Greg Barker, the UK Minister of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change Minister has said that Qatar will have the perfect opportunity as host of COP18/CMP8 to demonstrate how Gulf nations will play a lead role in climate negotiations.
Greg Barker said in a press statement on the sidelines of his current visit to Qatar ; “Having just made my first visit to Doha, I am looking forward to returning in December to participate in the ministerial discussions at COP18.
“It is clear that everyone involved in organising and preparing for COP18 is working extremely hard to ensure that the meeting delivers progress in all areas,” he added.
During his visit, Barker visited the COP18/CMP8 offices, toured the Qatar Science and Technology Park, and met representatives from Qatar Petroleum.
Barker said it was “extremely significant” that a UN climate change conference was being held in the Middle East for the first time.
He added: “Bearing in mind the importance of fossil fuels to the Qatari economy, Qatar s decision to host COP18 is extremely significant.  “COP18 provides an opportunity for Qatar and its GCC partners to demonstrate how they will play their part in the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while continuing to deliver economic growth and prosperity to their people”.
UK minister looks forward to “extremely significant” COP18/CMP8 , saying meantime that Gulf nations can demonstrate their commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions at COP18/CMP8.
Greg Barker, Minister of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change, visited Doha for the first time ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference this month.(QNA)

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